Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Everlove Chronicles

This is a new fantasy romance series coming Fall 2024. The standalone books will be dual POV (told by the prince and princess) and all set in the same world. Characters may cross into other books and hidden clues will be in books hinting to other stories. They don't have to be read in order, but can be. Each story will be a fairy tale retelling. As with all my books, they will be aimed at young adults and the main characters will be young adults, but anyone can read them. The books will have my usual just kisses romance, no strong language, and violence will be kept to a minimum (it's fairy tales and there may be some fighting, but I keep violent descriptions to a minimum...and I really dislike killing off characters). They're simply sweet stories. You can expect a happy ending with every book, and I may leave some mystery into what will happen in the next book with new characters. Oh, and there will be maps! And you can glimpse some of my inspiration at my Everlove Pinterest board

romantasy books for teen girls

Book One: Spare and Heir (September 25, 2024)

Read a preview of Spare & Heir here

A young adult romantasy, fantasy romance novel

Book Two: Cursed and Fated (Winter 2024)

Book Three: Bitter and Sweet 

Book Four: Royal and Common

Book Five: Missing and Stolen

With more to come. (Please note, changes may occur in the order after book two, as I'm still drafting the others).