Here are some frequent questions I get. If you have one that isn't answered here, feel free to contact me through the contact button which goes to my email. Or DM through Instagram. My social media tabs are in the sidebar also.

Do you write under any other pen names?

No. Chrissy Q Martin is the only name I write under. And currently, I only write YA romance books. There are some authors who write sweet books under one name and spicier books under another name, but I don't. I don't write spicy books under another name. And if you see books with a similar author name to mine, it's someone else who deserves the credit for their books.

Are there going to be more books in the "Running on Love & Donuts" series?

I never say never. I intended this series to end after three books but kept the option open to continue it. The fourth book "Rebel on Holiday" features another main character, who was a side character in books two and three. There's also a free book featuring the grandmas and you can find it under the "Free Books" tab. I have ideas for other books, but nothing else finished at this point.

What do you mean by "Sweet Romance" books?

There's lots of jargon in the book world with how to describe books. I call my books sweet (with no spice), and others call them clean and wholesome. Basically...I write books with happy endings, no violence, no sex (some characters may talk about sex in general...like waiting to have sex...but there is no sex in the books and not even a hint of anything happening behind closed doors. I'll leave that to the reader's imagination. I write stories I'm comfortable reading/listening to with my kids), and no strong language. If you want to know what word, cr@p is used once in a couple of books, but I use it to show the emotion of a side character and when they speak one word during a tense scene). There is kissing in the books from awkward first kisses to swoony, dreamy ones. I'm fine with my books being called light, fluffy, and cute...I actually love it. Some of my books touch on serious topics (addiction, survivor guilt, anxiety, loneliness, severe allergies, trauma, etc.) but I try my best to focus on the outcome and happy endings of the stories. It's about the characters developing and helping create joy in you...the reader.