First, thank you for stopping by my website. I'm happy you're here!

To find out what's going on...you can FOLLOW ME at any of the social media places in the side bar. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love when there's friendly interaction and other times, it's just depressing and time sucking. Kind of like books, but I love books. I'll choose books over social media any day. Maybe I can have an enemies to lovers relationship with social media? I do love that social media lets me connect with readers, and a kind comment from you makes my day. I love leaving kind comments for people who pop up in my feeds. I post the most to Instagram and TikTok, occasionally on Facebook, and rarely on Twitter. YouTube and Pinterest are when I remember I have them.

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I never know what to write about myself. I'm socially awkward with anxiety. I love my family, books, and friends. I love swimming and trail running. I mountain bike and snowboard because my family loves those sports, but they're all faster than me now. I write YA romance because teen love is special to me. I met my husband at 17, started dating him at 18, engaged at 19, and married at 20. We have two kids and have been married for more than half my life and it's the best. I know not everyone's path is the same, and I hope you're enjoying the ride you're on. I aim to write books for people to escape into. Oh, I also love chocolate, as long as it's peanut free. I'll jam to 80's and 90's music, swoon at old romcoms, sing with certain musicals, and dress up in an inflatable dinosaur costume for fun (if I'm not overthinking things).